International Repatriations

Several hundred sucessful Repatriations speak for themselves. Proudly, I can tell you that I am able to organize Repats from or to every place on earth. Gladly I will prepare some suggestions for you.

Your Benefits

I take care of everything. Or just a part. As you wish.

If wanted, I can organize the following for you:

Pick up the deceased / hygienic care / Dressing / Funeral / Embalming / Translations / Death certificate / Death certificate / Medical officer / Clearance certificate / Transfer permission / Translations / Certifications / Apostilles / Customs documents / AWB’s / Zinksarg or zinc foil / coffin / Coffin / Seal / Documentation / Flights / Transfer to Flight / Contact the Undertaker on site

Please note: For a repatriation there are many issues to look for. The more Information I have in previous, the better for the preparation of a Quotation.

Single Contact person

With me, you will be supported by a single contact person throughout the entire process. The CEO himself. No call center. No changing employees. Promised!


You will be kept informed of every step in the transfer. Even if there should be problems, we speak openly and honestly about it.


Similar to this lighthouse in Portugal, guide for Seamen on the Way to their safe Harbour, i would like to guide you on your way.